Jerry Maguire's Quan is extraordinary

Published: 17th September 2009
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Jerry Maguire learned about the Quan from his client Rod Tidwell. The
Quan isn't about the money at all.The Quan is all about....

   The Quan
is about theMore of a union between gratifying success and genuinely
loving what you do. Read on.....

MaKing the Quan your goal.

   Setting a goal is very easy. A realistic goal is
fairly easy to reach. But a Quan goal is phenominal and visible to
reach. It's acquirable because it happens to be what you love doing.
Yet phenominal simply because no one else can do it as well or just
like you do or did. A Quan can be as simple as that one little thing
that everybody can count on from you since nobody else has that Quan.

What's your Quan?

   Everybody has a Quan of thier own. Whether or not
you spot it can insure the difference of success and failure. For
example, a friend of mine has unmatchable organizing skills. I'm very
organized by habit but she trumps me on that. After working with her I
noticed that her methods of organization would get contageous with
others. And thus, her Quan. Everybody depended on her to keep all ducks
in a row. Although they didn't recognize it.

The Quan is rather silent.

   Ok, having Quan is something to be proud of and
makes you feel  when it's acknowledged. But the Quan is so
great most people can't even see thier own Quan. Usually going
unnoticed the Quan is never actually understood until it's gone.

Jerry Maguire found Quan when everything else was withdrawn.

   Think about it. This guy had everything going for
him. At a huge sports agency. Money, famous people, any woman he
wanted, but he didn't have the Quan until he had lost it all. After he
got dismissed he set out to do business on his own. Without the
security of the agency things got rough. But by doing what he was
naturally good at, he pulled through. He kept going without any light
at the end of the tunnel. Even though his rivals were getting better
results at the moment, he kept operating as if he was the  in
the industry. That's Quan!

Our Quan.

   I have some really big dreams. I want a good size
house next to a personal airstrip. Oh, and a jet that seats 7. And
newly added to my dream list, a submarine that has the luxuries of a
yatch. I just named off about $7mill. Haha, but I'm the pizza dude. Can
I do it, you betcha! It's already in the works.

The Quan attracts miracles.

  Not too long ago my plans seemed to dim if you will. Kinda
got dark on me. Having huge plans that involves a team, and a team
wanting to get these plans in motion and share the success was
splendid. But the means to get it all going just wasn't there. Now the
team I'm working with has 4 computers! I'm like totally WOW! Not only
am I blown away by it, I'm caught totally off guard. Now I'm the one
that's not ready! I gotta get busy!

We got the Quan!

   Yes we do! There's no doubt in my mind about our
Quan. We are good people. We're putting together a team of good old
ordinary people that's about to do the extraordinary. We are an elite
people, we have elite minds, and an unmatched determination. We found
the Quan!

The Quan is what you are great at and love doing at the same time.

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